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Bar Recipes – Best Ideas for Bars and Slices to Tempt Your Sweet Tooth

Looking for a crowd pleasing dessert idea? Try one of these bar recipes and see for yourself how quickly they will disappear.

Many are made with delicious crumb crusts of some sort. From farm fresh strawberry bars to peppermint Rice Krispie bars, we have delicious bars and slices for any occasion.

These delicious sweet treats are perfect for a bake sale and will go quickly from any pot luck dinner table.  These recipes are easy to make and even easier to taste!

I love how quickly bars and slices come together in the kitchen. Many of these desserts can be made in 30 minutes or so. All have fairly easy clean up and the flavors are so tempting, there is one for all taste buds.These bar recipes are super easy to prepare, simple to transport and taste amazing.

There are all sorts of recipes that you can make into bars.  Brownies and blondies come to mind, but basically if you can cut it into a square, it’s a candidate.

By the way, if you don’t know the difference between a blondie and a brownie, check out this post.

Let’s Make Some Bar Recipes Today.

Sure, you can go to the grocery store and pick up some packaged bars or slices. But the taste of these homemade bars will make you wonder why you haven’t been making them at home all the time. 

These bars and slices are chock full of flavor, easy to make and the kids (and grownups!) will just love them.

I’ve divided the bars and slices into several categories to make it easier for you to find your preferred sweet treat.  Some are crunchy, some are rich, some are super sweet, and some are healthy.

Which type is your favorite?

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Fruit Bar Recipes

I love making bars that feature fresh fruit as a main ingredient.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a bar that you have just made after a trip to the Farmer’s Market to pick up your favorite container of fresh fruit.These delicious fruit flavored bars and slices make the perfect pot luck dessert.

  • These strawberry oatmeal bars are both gluten free and vegan.  It’s almost strawberry season, so you can be making these soon!
  • It’s apple picking time with these tasty caramel apple bars. The topping is to die for!
  • This gluten free lemon slice is crunchy and tart with a bright lemon taste.
  • You can see I like really like caramel!  Here is another great tasting apple cheesecake bar with a decadent caramel topping.
  • These lemon cheese cake bars have a fun animal cracker crust that is super tasty. My husband LOVES these!
  • Another favorite of my husband. (He loves lemon desserts!) These Sunburst Lemon Bars are perfect for summer BBQs

Cookie Bars Make the Perfect Snack

Everyone likes the taste of a delicious cookie.  But add that taste with a crunchy crust and you will turn it into something extra special.

Try one of these delicious cookie bars for an afternoon snack.  Cookie Bars and Slices

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Tempting Dessert Bars

These rich and decadent bars are perfect to serve for any special occasion.  They are not for the calorie counter, but sometimes a girl has just got to splurge!These dessert bars are the ultimate sweet treat to tempt you after dinner or for a snack.

Healthy Bars and Slices

Looking for a bar that won’t break the calorie bank? From gluten free bars to homemade granola bars, we’ve got you covered!Healthy bars and slices

Holiday Themed Bars

The holidays are a time for desserts of all types, but we are also very busy at this time of the year.  Instead of spending your time baking and decorating try making bars or slices instead.

They are so fast and easy to put together.Holiday slices and bars

Need More Inspiration for Bars and Slices?Pinterest Group Board Bars and Slices

If you are still looking for more ideas to make your favorite bar recipes, check out my new Pinterest Board – Bars and Slices.

There are dozens and dozens of great tasting recipes to tempt you even further.

Help for Making Bars and More Dessert Ideas.

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  • Do you like bars with a streusel topping? This tutorial shows how to make one.
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If you have a half hour or so and a few pantry ingredients, you can make a delicious bar or slice that will knock the socks of your friends and family and be the hit at any pot luck dinner.

Try one of these amazing bar recipes today.  You’ll be hooked on this type of recipe just like I am.