Taco Wraps – Spicy Mexican Tortilla Cheeseburger Wrap Recipe

Cheeseburger taco wraps

This recipe for taco wraps takes the tastes of cheeseburgers and spicy tacos and combines them into one tasty Mexican tortilla recipe.  This is one of my husband’s favorite 30 minute meals. Do you love the taste of tacos?  If so, you’ll love this delicious lunch time meal.  (See my easy taco melts for another…

30 Minute Easy Taco Melts – Spicy Taco Biscuit Recipe

Easy taco melts

If you are having a day when getting dinner on the table is a chore, then these quick and easy taco melts will become one of your favorite 30 minute meals.  These delicious bundles have a spicy flavored meat center with cheese, all baked inside a rolled out slice of biscuit dough. For another great…

20+ Best Bacon Recipes

“Everything goes better with bacon”, or so the saying goes. Did you know that bacon has its own special day? It is celebrated on the Saturday before Labor Day in the US.  There are also some who think of international bacon day as December 30. Whichever day you celebrate it, one of these bacon recipes…

Ham and Spinach Pinwheel Appetizer Recipe

Ham and Spinach Pinwheel appetizer

I am always looking for new and interesting easy appetizers to start my parties off with a bang. This Ham and Spinach Pinwheel appetizer recipe is super easy to do, cooks in a flash and is also easy to eat and serve. Start your next Party with this Ham and Spinach Pinwheel Appetizer Recipe If…

French Bread Pizzas

French bread pizzas

Brrrr…it’s cold here in Raleigh. Time for one of my 30 minute meals that will hit the spot. The temps are down to about 9 degrees overnight and that is nothing whatsoever like normal for us here.  So, I need something filling and warm and comforting.  I decided to make corn chowder but wanted a…

Cheesy BLT with Avocado

Cheesy BLT with Avocado from The Gardening Cook

Ingredients 2 slices Bacon 2 slices of fresh avocado 1 tsp olive oil 1 egg slice Colby Jack and Mild Cheddar Cheese 1 – 4 inch piece of a French bread baguette, partially split 1Tbsp. Mayonnaise 1large piece of Cos 2 beefsteak tomato slices Salt and Pepper to Taste