10 Ways with Oranges – Orange Recipes

Oranges are the star attraction in these delicious recipes.

From delicious smoothies to decadent desserts, these recipes that feature oranges will add a refreshing touch to your dinner table.10 best orange recipes - recipesjust4u.com/orange-recipes
Oranges are so sweet and lend themselves to all sorts of recipes ideas.  And they are quite plentiful for the spring and summer months.  This popular fruit is rich in antioxidants, and recipes made with them as the star are just the way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

Orange Cream cheesecake barsThese orange cream cheesecake bars and rich and decadent but still very refreshing.  Get the recipe here.Crock pot chicken salsaThis crock pot chicken orange salad combines a crazy good salsa with chicken thighs in the crock pot and fresh orange slices.  So good and easy to do too.

Cuban steak with lime orange marinadeThis doesn’t look much like an orange recipe, but the Cuban marinade is a mixture of fresh orange juice, lime juice and spices and is so good. This Orange Lime Cuban style steak is perfect for your next barbeque!

Ahi Tuni with orange and black bean salsaThis Ahi tuna with orange and black bean salsa is refreshing and spicy at the same time. Get the recipe here.

Orange dreamsicle martiniIt’s cocktail hour!  Celebrate with an orange cream martini. It’s like a creamsicle in a cocktail!

If you like oranges as much as I do, you will be interested in these orange recipes too!

1. Home made orange dreamsicle smoothie. From Sally’s Baking Addiction.

2. Copycat Starbuck’s orange cranberry scones. From Whyman’s of Maine.

3. Cranberry orange and white chocolate biscotti.  From It’s a Keeper.

4. Spring Cheesecake Cake – from I am Baker.

10 best orange recipes - recipesjust4u.com/orange-recipes

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