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Lemon Coconut Energy Bites – Paleo – Whole30 – Gluten Free

Are you looking for a quick pick me up after a workout? Try these lemon coconut energy bites. These little balls of goodness are Paleo, Whole30 and gluten free and taste really great.These delicious lemon coconut energy bites are perfect for a snack or light dessert. They are Paleo, Whole30 compliant and gluten and dairy free. So tasty too!

Most energy bites and granola bar style recipes are loaded with some form of sugar.  These little balls are lightly sweetened with dried fruit and have a tang from the fresh lemon juice and have no added sugar of any kind.

They taste just amazing are are perfect for anyone who is trying to cut sugar out of their diet. Also be sure to check out my 88 calorie chocolate peanut butter energy bites. They taste amazing too.Energy bites.

Let’s make some lemon coconut energy bites!

These little balls could not be easier to make. I used Brazil nuts for crunch, dried medjool dates, figs and plums to give them the hint of sweetness, lemon juice and zest for a tang, and coconut butter for creaminess and as a binder.Ingredients for the energy balls

Start by pulsing your dried fruit in a food processor until the mixture is crumbly.dates and dried fruit

Add in the nuts, lemon juice and lemon zest to make a nice mixture and then pulse in the coconut butter.  Coconut butter helps to make the energy bites stick

The batter will be sticky and perfect to form into bite sized balls.  Mixture should be sticky

I made mine about an inch in size and got 20 out of the recipe. Each energy bite has about 120 calories.Finished lemon coconut energy bites

These delicious energy bites are perfect for a snack, as part of a quick breakfast, or great for a low calorie dessert.Bowl of healthy lemon coconut energy bites.

They are crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness and have a delicious hint of coconut.  It's time for some energy balls

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Lemon coconut energy bites make a great snack

Yield: 20

Lemon Coconut Energy Bites - Paleo - Whole30 - Gluten Free

Lemon Coconut Energy Bites - Paleo - Whole30 - Gluten Free
Prep Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour


  • 1/4 cup unsweetened dried plums
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened dried figs
  • 1/2 cup medjool dates
  • 1 cup raw Brazil nuts
  • 1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/4 cup of chia seeds
  • 1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp lemon zest
  • 1/4 cup of coconut butter


  • Put the dried fruit into a food processor and pulse until the mixture is crumbly.
  • Add the nuts, coconut chia seeds, lemon zest and lemon juice and pulse well.
  • Add in the coconut butter, and mix until everything is well combined and the mixture is sticky.
  • Form into one inch sized balls and place on a baking sheet lined with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper. Place in the fridge to set for about 30 minutes.
  • These keep well stored in an air tight container in the fridge.
  • Enjoy!
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