Kitchen Ideas to Make your Life easier

The Best of Kitchen Ideas

We all love a great kitchen.  Here are some of my favorite “must haves” in my dream kitchen.  Some look great.  Some make life easier, and some are just plain neat.

Whether it be appliances, storage ideas, or Kitchen gadgets and toys, these will make any kitchen one that you will really enjoy.

Storage of dry goodsWonderful idea for storage of dry goods.  Source:  Dering.

Fabulous Kitchen rangeWhat a fabulous kitchen range this is.  I don’t have gas here, so my stove is electric and I would just love a stove like this!  Source:  Ideeli.

Drawer for baking pans so you don't have to get them all out when you need just one.

What a wonderful idea this is!  I know that every time I bake, I have to take out the whole stack of baking pans to get the one I need. With a drawer like this, with those dividers, the trays are ready for you to choose.  Just genius!  This is organization done right. Image shared from Houzz.