Kitchen Features that Make your Life Easier

Wouldn’t you love one of these neat Kitchen Features in your Kitchen?

I have to admit.  I love kitchen gadgets, tools and features that make my work in the kitchen easier and more productive. There are unlimited numbers of them out there.  Some are what I call “kitchen fluff.” They seem like a great idea at first, but then they end up in a drawer or cabinet, never to see the light of day after the first few uses of them.

Others are those that make you say “how did I live without this before?”

Here are some that I consider in the last category. They are tools that I would use over and over again and would always ask that question when I used them.

Slide out mini kitchen pantry. Great idea!This slide out mini kitchen pantry is a great use of a small space and keeps those items you use all the time at hand’s reach.  Source:  Houzz.

Cutting board with cut out over a garbage can.

I spend so much time chopping veggies and then transferring the scraps to the garbage. This fabulous cutting board idea makes swift work of that task. You just chop and then sweep the scraps into the hole to fall down into the garbage bin below. Genius!  Source: Indulgy 

Multi tier oven rack

Not something I would use all the time, but when I do it comes in so handy.  With Thanksgiving coming up, oven space is at a premium.  This multi tier oven rack gives extra shelf space next to the turkey.  Source Sur La Table.