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Must Have Kitchen Features – Storage and Organization Ideas for Kitchens

I have to admit.  I love kitchen gadgets, tools and space saving features that make my work in the kitchen easier.

I feel that I can be more productive with the right tools. Some are what I call “kitchen fluff.” but others have become must have kitchen features for me.

Whether you are looking for more counter top space, better cabinet functionality, or the latest in kitchen tools and gadgets, these kitchen features might become must haves for you too.Organize your kitchen space with one of these kitchen must haves.

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Must Have Kitchen Features

These ideas go a long way to organizing a kitchen to make it more functional. Many are space saving ideas and all make life easier.

The products shown below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you purchase through an affiliate link.

Fry Pan Storage

I have several sizes of fry pans.  Storing them so that they are easy to get to just got easier!Pan Organizer

This pan organizer rack can be used either horizontally, as shown, or vertically in a cupboard to separate the pans for easy access.

Pull out Shelving for Cabinets

I have lots of room in my lower cabinets but it is hard to get to the back areas of them.  Rev a Shelf makes many cabinet organizers to solve this problem.Slide out cabinet organizers.

This two tier roll out shelving unit is secured on bottom, side and rear mounts for total stability. Just slide it out to bring the items at the back of the cabinet into view.

Slide out Pantry Spice Cabinet.

A slide out cabinet is the perfect size for holding narrow jars, spices and other cooking items that can get lost in a pantry.

This slide out mini kitchen pantry from Heartwood Kitchens is a great way use of a small space and keeps those items you use all the time at hand’s reach.  Source:  Houzz.

Hidden Garbage Bin under Cutting board

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time chopping veggies and then transferring the scraps to the garbage. This idea changes that task.

Cutting board over a bin

This fabulous cutting board idea makes swift work of that task. You just chop and then sweep the scraps into the hole to fall down into the garbage bin below. The set up uses two drawers.

One has a built in cutting board on the TOP of the drawer with a cut out.  The drawer underneath holds the garbage bin and the scraps just fall through. Genius!  Source: Pinterest

Collapsible Oven Racks.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, my oven space holds a whole turkey and the racks have to be raised, (or removed) to hold it.  This idea makes better use of the oven space.Collapsible oven racks

This multi tier collapsible oven racks gives extra shelf space next to the turkey for casseroles and fold away for storage when you are not using them.  You can see it on Amazon.

Wall Racks for Kitchen Storage

The walls of many kitchens are a fabulous space for extra storage.  It can be both functional and attractive, too.

Kitchen wall rack

This polished chrome wall rack holds kitchen utensil or sauce pans on unused wall space in a very decorative way

What are your must have kitchen features?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Admin Note: This post first appeared on the blog in December of 2013. I have updated it to add even more must have kitchen features.  Enjoy!

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