How to Make a Heart Shaped Cupcake

I am a frugal person by nature.  It was a part of my upbringing and has lasted to this day. Anytime I can do a cooking hack that will save me money in the kitchen, I am all for it. Some of my favorite cooking tips involve saving money.  When I was baking for Valentine’s day recently, I decided to try making Heart Shaped Cupcakes without buying a special kitchen tool.Heart Shaped cupcakes are fun for Valentine's Day. You can buy special cupcake liners or use marbles to make your own.

Cupcakes that take on the shape of the holiday that you are baking for set the mood instantly.  Since Valentine’s day is all about hearts and love, I wanted my cupcakes to start with a heart shape.Heart cupcake with red frosting and candy pearls

Since I don’t have a heart shaped silicone cupcake liner, or a special heart shaped muffin pan, I had to improvise.If you have a glass stone, a marble or a large ceramic bead, and some cupcake liners, you can make a heart shaped marbles and cupcake liners

Here is how you make Heart Shaped Cupcakes.

Place your cupcake liners into your cupcake tin and then add the glass rock or marble to make it take on a heart shape.  Easy peasy.  The marble stays in place while the cupcakes are cooking and the cupcakes take on the heart shape.add a marble to the top of a cupcake liner to make a heart shape.

Add your cupcake batter to the heart shaped liners and bake until they are done (about 15 minutes.)  The marbles must be glass or ceramic to take the heat of the oven.Add batter to the cupcake liners

When the cupcakes are done, they will take on a rounded heart shape with an indentation in the top.

Cupcakes with a heart shape

Be careful not to fill the cupcake liners too full.  2/3 is about right.  If you fill them any more, you will end up with the batter rising too much and either pushing the shape back to a circle or giving you a muffin top.  No one needs a muffin top on Valentine’s Day, do they? (these were my rejects!)Don't overfill the cupcake liners!

Now, you can start decorating.  Since the cupcakes are rounded at the bottom, you can either keep your frosting away from the round edge so that the frosting is very heart shaped, or you can cheat with your frosting to bring it over the edges a bit like I did in this one.Heart shaped cupcake with a peppermint center.

What says I love you better than heart shaped cupcakes decorated for Valentine’s Day?  Be sure to see my holiday site for more fun Valentine Cupcake Decorations.Add a red candy heart as a decoration

For more fun Valentines day treats, be sure to visit my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board.

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