Dream Kitchens

What is your idea of a Dream Kitchen?

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a dream kitchen. For some, it is a huge island. For others it is stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.

For me, it is many things.  My kitchen is small, so any kitchen that has plenty of room appeals to me.  But generally, it is the look that makes me call a kitchen a “dream kitchen.”

Here are some of my favorites:

Country Kitchen by Kelly HarmonThis lovely country Kitchen by Kelly Harmon has a huge basket above the center island that could store all sorts of things.  I love the rustic cabinets.

Habersham kitchen with great attention to detail

This is a Habersham Kitchen.  The attention to detail – meticulous handwork, the design, the fabulous finishes – all came together to exude the old world feeling and look for this kitchen.  Source:  Habersham Lifestyle

I love everything about this kitchen!I love everything about this kitchen from the counter tops to the cabinets, to the wall art, to the lighting.  Just wonderful!  Shared from Diary of the Winners.

Colorful Country kitchen with styleThis country kitchen keeps is carefully curated — the blues from china patterns go perfectly with the red on wood bar stools and cabinetry.  Source:  Houzz.

Vibrant colors for a nostalgic look.

Red crackle paint on the walls and distressed yellow cabinetry add authenticity to a fresh country look. Very nostalgic!  Source:  Modern Furniture.

Kitchen with lots of color and plenty of cabinets.

This kitchen appeals to me because of the color.  I might not want to clean those cupboard doors but the look is amazing. Source:  Better Homes and Gardens.

Old country stove 1827

This old country stove from 1827 looks just right in this modern kitchen.  Source:  Nordingarden.