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Food Projects – Cute Food to Make – Whimsical Food Recipes

These fun food projects show just how creative cooking can be.

Are you looking for ways to make your food cute? These fun recipes are your answer.  Take a simple food idea and make it into a DIY project.

From a marshmallow snowman floating in hot chocolate to a hedgehog bread snack, your kids will love the look of these cute food recipes and will enjoy them for snacks and deserts.

Snowman made from candy corn, marshmallows and pretzel sticks floating in hot chocolate with words DIY Food Projects.

What could be an easier food project? Just combine marshmallows with candy corn and pretzel stick and add a few drops of chocolate to decorate.

Pop him in a cup of hot chocolate for a fun winter snack.

More cute food projects to try 

Bread Hedgehogs from

Add cranberries, raisins or currants to bread dough and then pick away to create this cute bread hedgehog.

See the step by step tutorial at Goods Home Design.

Egg pigs with baloney and carrots.

Looking for cute snacks? How about these hard boiled egg piggies? If you have trouble getting your child to eat healthy food try these on for size.

Add some cold meat for a snout and ears, cut carrots into flower shapes and use parsley to make the grass in this fun food project. 

Two pieces of black olives make the eyes and you are done!

Cute food projects: Lemon cupcakes with grass frosting

Easter will soon be here. Make use of your Easter candy on these cute Easter treats with grass frosting.

The key is a special decorating tip. Find out how to make these fun Easter cupcakes here.

Pancakes made into bears with fruit.

This fun food project is whimsical, healthy and so creative.

Turn your pancake breakfast into cute bears with this idea.

Add blueberries for eyes, black berries and raspberries for a nose and mouth and peaches for plump cheeks.

Drizzle with honey and wait for the squeals of delight!

Football shaped cheese ball and crackers

Do your kids love to watch the big game with you? What could be more fun for Super Bowl snacks than this game inspired cheese ball?

Find out how to make this football cheeseball here.

Cute food projects: ladybug sandwich made with tomatoes and olives.

Ladybugs anyone? This adorable food project takes a cheese and tomato sandwich to a cute new level.

Add cheese to a slice of bread and top it with a lettuce leaf. A sliced tomato makes ladybug wings, black olive adds the spots, and a split celery top forms the antennae.

Pieces of mozzarella topped with raisins create eyes and your cute critter is done!

Corn on the Cob with Candy corn from instructables.comThe creative folks over at Instructables took the idea of an ear of corn and used candy corn to make this adorable and realistic DIY project.

It’s just perfect for the Halloween or Thanksgiving holiday.  See the instructions at Instructables.

Clown made out of vegetables on a white plate.

This whimsical food idea will have your kids eating all their healthy foods. 

This cute smiling clown face is made on a slice of Canadian bacon decorated with slices of fresh cucumber, a red pepper strip and a baby tomato. 

The shredded carrots for hair is the cutest thing ever! Use mini chocolate chips, a piece of black olive or raisin pieces for the eye.

cornucopia bread dough table centerpiece from thegardeningcook.comUse bread dough and form it into the shape of a horn of plenty and bake. Then fill with nuts and berries for an edible Thanksgiving centerpiece that the whole family with love to dig into.

See how to make it at Always the Holidays.

Cute mummy brownie

What kid could resist chomping down these spooky Halloween treats?

They are super easy to make. Edible eyes add just the right look to these mummy brownies.

Plate of zucchini noodles made into a monster.

This creepy smiling face of green spaghetti monster is both funny and spooky at the same time. The eyes are made of mozzarella cheese and olives. 

Make it even more healthy by using zucchini noodles!

Indian Corn Cakes from

Another festive Thanksgiving food project from Always the Holidays. This time, cake is cut into the shape of ears of corn, covered in frosting and M & Ms. 

Add some raffia to the ears and you have another edible Thanksgiving centerpiece that won’t make it through the meal.

Get the tutorial here.

Caterpillar sandwich food project.

This very hungry caterpillar sandwich will delight any kids who love the book of the same name.

Make it by using a round cookie cutter to cut your ham, cheese and bread into small circles. Decorate the head with a tomato, cucumber strips, mozzarella cheese, and raisins.

The ladybug hitchhiker is made with black olives and a baby tomato. Decorate the plate with greens and cucumbers cut into flower shapes. So fun and cute!

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Easter Egg Nest Cheesecakes

Cute Easter desserts are popular on dessert tables and are sure to please the kids.

This time, it’s coconut that makes the grass to hold the Easter eggs. 

Get the recipe for these Easter nest cupcakes here.

Thanksgiving teepee dirt pudding.

If you are looking for cute Thanksgiving desserts, you can’t go wrong with these teepee dirt pudding cups.

They are easy to assemble and a real crowd pleaser. 

Get the recipe here.

Cute owl DIY projectYour kids will love making these adorable owl projects.

The are super easy to make and perfect for a Halloween desert table.

Crab made out of apple and other fruit.

Fun food for kids project using fresh fruit. This cute smiling crab uses and apple half as its body, slices of apple for the legs, and lychees and raisins for eyes.

Position blueberries and strawberry halves for the claws and decorate the plate with strawberry stars, blueberries and fresh mint . You end up with a fun and healthy breakfast to start your child’s day.

What other do it yourself food projects have you tried? Please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Admin note: this post for cute food recipes first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post to add new photos, and more food projects for you to enjoy.

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