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25+ Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

These crock pot chicken recipes show that the humble bird can be dressed up in all sorts of ways.   From chili to a fancy dinner meal, these chicken recipes are sure to delight your family.

I love making crock pot recipes.  The whole house smells great while the food is cooking and dinner preparation could not be easier at meal time.  25 Easy Slow cooker Chicken Recipes

Make Weekday Cooking Chores Easy with these Crock Pot Chicken Recipes.

Slow Cookers are great tools in the kitchen.  Be sure that you get one big enough though.  One of the most common mistakes to make is to overload a slow cooker that is too small. 

I like to use at least a six – seven quart sized crock pot for best results.

Crock pot blunders: Filling a slow cooker too full is not the only mistake.  If you have slow cooker recipes that do not come out as expected,  you may be making one of the serious crock pot blunders. 

See how to avoid disasters in your slow cooking over at the Gardening Cook.  There is a great article there showing the 15 most common crock pot mistakes.

Crock pot chicken chiliWhen you have a yen for chili but don’t want the heavy meat variety, try this white chicken chili. Easy to make on either the stove top or in the crock pot.

  Get the recipe here.

crock pot butter chicken from womenlivingwell.orgIndian food is just made for the crock pot.  The spices blend well and the meat gets super tender.

Get the recipe for butter chicken here.

Crock pot chicken pot pie.If you love the taste of chicken pot pie but don’t want the hassle at dinner time, make most of it in the slow cooker and then just bake in a pre-made deep dish pie crust at dinner time. 

This recipe is super tasty and very easy to put together.  See how to do it here.

Creamy slow cooker bacon chicken from

There is a saying in the cooking world that everything goes better with bacon.  And chicken is no exception. 

Find out how to make this creamy bacon chicken here.

Slow cooker braised chicken and noodles with wine and tomatoes

This delicious slow cooker chicken recipe features braised chicken, noodles and wine and tomatoes with broccoli.

It is full of flavor and easy to do.  Get the recipe.

Slow cooker barbeque chicken sandwich from oursmallhours.comThese slow cooker barbeque chicken sandwiches are flavorful and hearty.   Get the recipe.

Italian Crock pot chicken from crystalandcomp.comThis Italian chicken recipe is made from just four ingredients.  Add to the slow cooker and you have one of the simplest chicken recipes possible but it’s still full of flavor. 

See how to do it.

Slow cooker Chicken tagineIf you like middle eastern flavors, you will love this recipe for slow cooker chicken tagine.  It combines chicken with pear preserves and a delicious blend of spices for a hearty International meal. 

See how to make it.

Creamy chicken over rice from myheavenlyrecipes.comThis luscious and creamy slow cooker chicken over rice needs just five ingredients and is super easy to make.

Get the recipe here.

Slow cooker chicken corn soup from lowipinchapenny.comA crock pot is almost designed with soups in mind.  This slow cooker chicken and corn soup will be perfect on any cool fall or winter night.

Love these recipes for crock pot chicken?  Here are some more to whet your appetite.

Which of these slow cooker chicken recipes will be on your table this week?

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