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Chocolate Drizzle for a Martini Glass

I thought it would be fun to do a chocolate drizzle tutorial for my cooking tips guide, so that my readers can see how it is done. Many chocolate flavored drinks use this decorative technique for the inside of the glass.

Going out to one of my favorite restaurants or cocktail bars gives me a chance to sample new and interesting martini cocktails.

Glass decoration takes an ordinary cocktail and turns it into an elegant presentation.  It sets a nice mood for your party, or turns an ordinary dinner into a romantic evening for two.

This technique is really very simple. All you need is some chocolate syrup  – you can melt some chocolate in the microwave or buy a chocolate syrup. Either works fine.

The only other thing needed is a martini glass.

Chocolate works best with chocolate based or coffee based spirits such as Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and chocolate vodka, but you can use the same technique for other spirits by using different syrup.

Chocolate drizzle on a martini glass glass makes a lovely presentation to any chocolate or coffee inspired cocktail. It is simple to do, too~

How to make a Chocolate Drizzle for a martini glass.

Start by pouring your chocolate syrup into an icing bag. You CAN just drizzle straight from the container, but an icing bag allows you to cut a very tiny hole in the end to make a really fine drizzle.

Drizzling straight from the containers can result in globs of chocolate that look heavy.

Place the chocolate in an icing bahTake your glass in one hand and hold the icing bag with the chocolate in another.

Rotate the glass slowly while you lightly drizzle in the chocolate until you get the desired look.

Rotate the glass while you drizzle the chocolate

Place the martini glass with the drizzle into the freezer so that it will set. If you try to put the cocktail in right now, it will get messy looking.

The slightly frozen chocolate will allow the drink to sit in it and keep the drizzle while it is being consumed.

Place the glass in the fridge to set.

Pour in your favorite cocktail and serve!  That is all there is to it!

Chocolate drizzle on a martini glass glass

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