Seasonal Recipes

Chocolate Chip Caramel Muffins

Chocolate chip caramel muffins with butterscotch pecan glaze

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love the cool weather, the changes of colors and all of the tastes and sights of the holidays that take place this time of the year. It seems that every time I open a cooking magazine, something delicious is calling me and its name often has…

24 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

These 24 delicious pumpkin recipes will add lots of special tastes to your holiday table this year.

Enjoy the Taste of the Season with These Delicious Pumpkin Recipes. From now through most of the fall, pumpkins are in season and are used for decorations, for carving and for eating in various ways.  You can, of course, use canned pumpkin, but why not try fresh pumpkin too?  It is rich and creamy always…

Enchilada Recipes – Easy & Flavorful Recipes Featuring Enchiladas

Spicy and flavorful fillings wrapped in a corn tortilla and drizzled with a savory sauce – everyone loves enchiladas. These tasty enchilada recipes are easy to make and will have your family asking for them again and again., Enchilada recipes for dinner anyone? When I go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, I almost always choose…

Cute Food DIY Projects

Cute owl DIY project

Some people are just so darned creative.  These cute food DIY projects are proof of that.  The creative artists took a simple food idea and made it into a DIY project. Whimsical Food Projects for Do it Yourself. Here are a few of my favorite Food DIY projects. Add cranberries, raisins or currants to bread…

Spooky Halloween Recipe Round Up

It is almost that time.  I’ve put together a YouTube Video of some of our most popular Halloween  recipes.  Sit back and enjoy the show! Celebrate Halloween with One of These Recipes To see the recipes, just visit the Halloween page on our site.