Amish Food is the Epitome of Real Home Style Cooking

The Amish people are found in the United States in several rural areas, but primarily around Ohio and Pennsylvania, and also in smaller numbers in Ontario, Canada. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to about 16,000 Amish people and is in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch area. Traditional Amish food is very simple and something that we associate with them today. 

The Food and lifestyle of the Amish is simple, and hearty.

A look into Amish Food and Customs.

The Amish people are known for their simple living and homes, their plain dress code and for a reluctance to adapt to modern conveniences. They grow their own food and cook hearty foods. There is a large tourism industry connected to the Amish, especially during the summer months.


While the countryside in Pennsylvania is dotted with large, lavish homes with huge barns, the Amish farms are much simpler.  There are many tours in Pennsylvania Dutch country allowing one to tour the inside of their rustic abodes.Amish farm

Anyone who has been through Pennsylvania Dutch country will have seen horses and buggies such as this one on the streets, since this is their normal mode of travel. We travel north to visit my family every summer and have to be careful not to come around corners too quickly!Amish buggy

While there have been some adaptations to account for technology, in a small way, in areas of the Amish communities, they still live a very simple lifestyle.  Old Order Amish, and most likely some New Order, too do not have their photos taken, which is why this photo might have been taken from behind.Amish peopleAmish food is known for being simple is considered very much home style cooking.  Many eating establishments in the Pennsylvania Dutch area serve “family style” with platters of food being shared by large tables of people who may have just met that evening. My husband is very social and loves this style of eating on our trips north!

Much of what the Amish use in their cooking is food that they have grown themselves, whether it is vegetable or animal. Much of their farm machinery is horse drawn.  They often sell the food that they produce as well as using it for their own needs to supplement the earnings of their communities.

Plowing a field

Many of the local stores serve pies, preserves, bread mixes and pickles as well as canned goods and desserts. Preserves

Amish shoo fly pies are commonly seen in the Pennsylvania Dutch area.

The Amish people spend a great deal of their time in manual labor, as they tend their crops and farms, and they use few modern conveniences to prepare their foods.  For this reason, they are not as concerned about the amount of fat in their diet as modern Americans are. Many of their breads and cereals are prepared from whole grains.

Fresh bread

One particular bread that is well known among Amish people is the friendship bread. Amish friendship bread is made from a sourdough started that is often shared with friends.  The starter substitutes for baking yeast and can be used to make various kinds of breads. It can also be frozen and used later.

I once received some from a friend and used it for months and months to make new loaves of bread.

Sourdough starter

Another recipe that seems to be synonymous with the Amish people is a shoofly pie. This “cake in a pie” dates to the late 1800s. It was often eaten with breakfast and uses molasses as an ingredient.

Shoofly pies

As you travel through Amish country, it’s common to see Amish road side sellers. One of the regulars to a Farmer’s market in my home town is an Amish couple. They sell food products as well as some home made goods.Amish road side seller

On our last trip north, we spotted many buildings and barns that had Amish hex signs on them. Hex signs are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. Stars in circles are common. They first started appearing in the early 19th century and become popular in the 1950s as tourist items. There are superstitions attached to them.While these signs are common, the Amish people themselves don’t use hex signs.

Amish Food Choices

The Amish diet traditionally focuses on the simple, hearty foods.  Many of their meals use these following ingredients:

Amish food is simple and hearty

  • Home grown fruits and vegetables
  • Sauerkraut appears at many Amish meals
  • Hearty meat dishes
  • Eggs and Cheese
  • Home made breads, cookies pies and cakes.  
  • Coffee, tea, milk and lemonade are the beverages of choice.

Some of My favorite Amish Food Recipes:

If you would like to try Amish cooking, a trip to Pennsylvania is not necessary.    I’ve put together a round up of Amish recipes that will delight the most ardent “home cooking” fan.

More than 25 of my favorite Amish style recipes for the ultimate in comfort food

1.Amish Salisbury steak

2. Amish Bob Andy Pie

3. Amish Apple Dumplings

4. Amish country Snickerdoodle cookies.

5. Amish Vegan Cinnamon Pear Bread

6. Amish Shoo Fly Cake

7. Amish Raisin Bread

8. Amish Cinnamon Bread

9. Amish Barbequed Chicken

10. Amish Homemade Applesauce Cake

11. Auntie’s Delicious Amish Soft Pretzels

12. Another Delicious Soft pretzel recipe

13. Chocolate Amish Friendship Bread

14. Amish Turkey Stuffing

15. Amish molasses cookies.

16. Sour Cream Apple Pie

17. Amish friendship bread 

18. Amish mashed potatoes

19. Amish Baked Chicken

20. Easy Amish White Bread

21. Amish style Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

22. Baked Amish Oatmeal

23. Amish Strawberry Shortcake

24  Amish Buttermilk Pie

25. Amish Pot Roast

26. Soft Pretzels the Amish Way

25 of your favorite Amish recipes

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    Hi Vee. Thank you for the comment. That is good to know!

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      Orthodox Mennonites don’t like having their pictures taken either. I grew up in Ontario Canada very near strict Mennonite communities. They would go door to door on horse and wagon with apples/eggs/produce for sale.

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