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4th of July Candy Jars – Patriotic Party Table Decor

Are you having a party for Independence Day or Memorial Day?  These 4th of July Candy Jars will be a hit with the kids (and the young at heart!)

This patriotic party table decor idea will dress up your dessert table with red, white and blue colors and put your guests in the party spirit in a fun and tasty way.

I love to set the mood for a party with my table decor.  These fun glass candy jars act as a holder for candy and can also be used as part of a patriotic table centerpiece.

And what I love even better about DIY projects like this is reusing old craft supplies that I have on hand and making a centerpiece in just minutes. This display fits both!

If you are looking for something to fill these candy jars on other days of the year, check out my round up of old fashioned candy recipes. There is something for everyone in the list.

Patriotic candy jars

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Making the 4th of July Candy Jars

One of the best things about this project is how fast and easy it is to put together.  All you need are a few simple supplies and some red, white and blue candy. 

I got my jars from the Dollar Store, but you can find similar ones on Amazon. You need these items:

  • 1 tall glass vase. Mine is 7 1/2″ tall with a 3 1/2″ opening
  • 1 round glass rose bowl. (I chose one 3 1/2″ wide with a 3″ opening)
  • 1 glass star shaped bowl (Mine is 2 1/2″ wide with a 5″ opening)
  • Red white and blue thin ribbon
  • Blue and white dish towel to display the jars on
  • Patriotic card printable (You can print one out below.)

You will also need some candy in red, white and blue colors.  I chose red Twizzlers, blue peanut M&Ms and a combination of white peanut M&Ms with white licorice allsorts.

Other candy ideas are Gumballs, Boston Baked Beans, Yogurt covered pretzels, Gummi Bears or any candy of your liking in the traditional patriotic colors. Check out your local stores.

Many candy manufacturers come out with holiday themed candy for the various holidays of the year!

Time to add the candy!

Fill your candy jars with the candy.  My vase was taller than I wanted for my Twizzlers, so I just added some Boston Baked beans at the base of the jar. It raised the Twizzlers enough to stick out of the top of the vase and gave me the extra height that I wanted.

I like the three different height candy jars. It gives more dimension to the display.Fill the candy jars with your favorite red, white and blue candy

Print out the 4th of July label for the tall vase using the printable below. You can print it on either heavy card stock or glossy photo paper. (I used the latter.)

I set my printer to “best” in the printing properties so the colors would be vibrant and the words sharp.

The file looks large here but will print out to about 2″ when you print out the label.

4th of July printable for the candy jars

Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the top corners and thread your ribbon through the holes.  I threaded it so the ribbons sat behind the label.

Red white blue ribbons on a 4th July label

Wind the ribbons around the tallest jar a few times and tie them to hold it in place.

Patriotic label on a twizzler candy jar

What could be easier? That is all there is to these fun candy jars. The project took about 15 minutes to put together!

Patriotic candy jars

I used the blue checked tea towel as a base for my display. I love how it looks! 

4th of July tablescape

You can place it on your dessert table just as it is or add in some other 4th of July items to add more interest. Table weights with stars and small flags are ideal.

What a fun and patriotic table tablescape!

You can use the image below to pin the photo to Pinterest to remind you how to make the candy jars.

4th of July Candy Jars

Now, get out of the way.  The kids will be itching to get some of that candy!

Looking for treat for the adults at your party? These 4th of July Cosmopolitans should do the trick.

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