24 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

These 24 delicious pumpkin recipes will add lots of special tastes to your holiday table this year.

Enjoy the Taste of the Season with These Delicious Pumpkin Recipes. From now through most of the fall, pumpkins are in season and are used for decorations, for carving and for eating in various ways.  You can, of course, use canned pumpkin, but why not try fresh pumpkin too?  It is rich and creamy always…

Pizza Cups – Perfect Slumber Party Food

Taco Cups - Perfect Slumber party treat

There is nothing quite as much fun as a teenager girls slumber party.  The hair, and make up and music and food…who can forget the food? Finding just the perfect late night snack for teens with the munchies is easy if you remember that they love food that is tasty and fun.  These taco cups…

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Almonds

Slow cooker Cinnamon almonds

Looking for a tasty snack that you can make yourself?  This recipe for slow cooker cinnamon almonds should do the trick.  These delicious cinnamon almonds are made in a slow cooker and have a crunchy coating  made from brown sugar, cinnamon and regular sugar.  The egg white  allows the mixture to coat the almonds well.…